maanantai 29. huhtikuuta 2013

English subtitles now online!

We finally managed to get the English captions online. Translation was made mostly by Sami from Vyöhyke team. We got some spell-checking and commenting help from devoted fans but then the wall stood up...

Subtitle timimg, most horrifying task of all movie making ;) We tried and tried to do that too, no luck.
Finally we gave up and asked for help from someone who really knows what they do. came to rescue and did a fantastic job with the timimg part. Usually these guys/girls do all the work them selves but the other way around: from Foreign languages to Finnish. So they were also a bit out of their comfor zone. Huge thanks goes to Warheart, laggy and lotsa! We would have not made it without your help. now we are officially international ;) Enjoy, comment and share!

On behalf of
Pilman Radiant Pictures, Vyöhyke team.